Friday, January 8, 2010

Well, folks welcome to 2010....a new year full of new chances. We brought in the new year as a family plus Jake's friend Matt. Who with jimmy seems that I now have 4 husbands. My children were excited to not have a bedtime for one time a year. I how ever was ready to tell them at 9pm was the new year. I did not. I am ready for a New Year. I am a person who thinks magically for example it is my thought that my sons will quit picking their noses, that they will quit talking about poop, poopy heads, and boob will no longer be their favorite words to throw out in conversations with adults that I run into at the store who also happen to go to church with....aaaa magical thinking. I will be more disciplined in this new year to sitting down and finishing a project if only one gets done this year , hmm like balancing my check book. I will do things realistically like knowing I will only balance it one time that is my goal . I will think that my husband and I after being parents for 5 years now will have a bed to ourselves with no feet in our faces, no bodies laying between us...just me and my man.....I believe that there will be no wwe wrestling in our living room EVERY night of the week. One day my children will look at me and say "momma, it is 8 pm may we please go to bed ..we don't want to watch a movie tonight just shut off the lights so that we may go to sleep" husband thinks that i have too much of an imagination....(i have faith that God will smile on a couple of these things and make them happen hehe)....I do have alot I want to get done this year ..same as last year but see like most popular cell phone plans..mine roll over into the new that if i don't get them all done they will be here for the new roll over minutes..
well my husband has just gotten back from braving the big bad and scary grocery store on his own i must go make sure he needs no first aide
God Bless

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