Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wow, God has blessed me with another year with my amazing husband and wild but wonderful sons. We have had some lows , we have had some highs. You truly cannot hit rock bottom when God is holding you in his arms. I have decide that i want to blog more . Then put together all my blogs and write a book haha. That would be great the entire family would then be kissing butt. But this blog is going to be about my past year. We have had a couple losses this year. First, Gramma Orr she has went to be with the Lord in March. We were expecting this. She had been in the hospital since before Thanksgiving with congestive heart failure. The weird thing is every year it seemed that she was in there. Now, about gramma Orr she was a strong woman who loved children. there were times that she drove me up a wall, but when she was in the hospital we had told here we had to move out of our house, because the lovely landlord sold it. She just looked at me and asked me if we were coming back home (my father in laws house). She was a loving and caring woman who i did admire and love very much. The other death we have had is Jacob's brother Toby who was only 25...he had gotten out of jail on a Thursday and passed away on Saturday night Sunday morning. Toby was one of those guys that could out talk a woman...haha..i truly loved him...he had his flaws but he did have good qualities she was funny, caring he had a 2 year old lil was so hard on everyone here, of course his father who is still muddling through but doing better each day thanks only to an amazing God. There have been positive and joyful times this year. Jacob and I have become members to the most amazing church. Harvest community church we absolutely love this church and our amazing church family. Please visit their sit at and listen to our great preacher(s) preach the amazing word of our savior. We had the children dedicated this year. Which in itself was wonderful. I cannot talk enough about the amazing love of our Savior who gave his life for me and you so that we may be washed clean. I started a job in may in a personal care home where I have met people that are so wiling to share about their past. God has blessed me with this job. O and after a year and 1 month my husband has found a wonderful job and I was blessed enough to be able to cut my hours at work. The boys are doing great in school (at home) Isaac is now working at a 1st grade math level and has passed his addition test and now working on subtraction and putting his letters together and making words..Lucas is such a goofball he does anything for a laugh, which has made him a little difficult to teach haha. God has blessed my family with his love and adoration. Our savior never ceases to amaze me with his love and works. I am looking into doing alot this year for the new years resolution, i have decided to do it opposite . every year i make the same resolutions.
1. be a more Godly woman and mother and wife
2. read my bible more
3. lose weight
4. quit smoking a biggie with me
5. be more appreciative of what God has given me
so this year i am doing things different
1. not putting God first, be a horrible mother and wife
2. never read my bible
3. gain so much weight i cannot fit into the car
4. smoke 2 packs a day
5. never be greatful to God
I figure if i made it like this then i can accomplish the first set lol....
so all in all goodbye 2009 it has been a year of sorrow and joy
hello and welcome 2010 can't wait what is in store for the Orr clan
and last but not least


Thursday, September 24, 2009

The craziness of the unperfect homeschooler

wow ... that describes me to a T. We have been homeschooling for around 1.2 years. We started when Isaac was 4. He is now kindergarten and Lucas is 3 year preschool. I had things scheduled how things would flow, details are my friend and my enemy! Well we are in our 3rd week of homeschooling and have missed a total of 3 days. He is still ahead of public school kindergarten. But like today I had bible study took the boys with me and let my hubby sleep. My sister in law and 3 kids and hubby have to be out of their house by the end of the month, so i was ready to head over there for a couple hours to help pack. Well , we didn't have to. But , i had to clean the bathroom , bedroom, kitchen, and liviing room , i didn't even get to my room yet. There is so much to do on a day off.. they def. should never call them days off. Espically if you are a homeschooling mother wife and every other role we as women have in our lives. My sister in law will be moving in with us. The house is busting at the seems... I love her , her husband and her wonderful 3 children. I do , I still need some prayers. So back to the homeschooling imperfection. I had this WHOLE plan on how everything would work out. I got the worksheets , art supplies, science things that look great....We say our pledges to the flag, the bible and the christian flag...we got our letters and their sounds, we got our addition and subtraction....yeah it looks great in my mind and on paper calanders. Now when you get to the nitty gritty of it I have an overactive 5 year old and a monkey for a 3 year old. We go to the school room and work for o ,15 minutes and then they want break, can we have cookies, hey momma are we done yet...can we just do math. I pray for my sanity every day. I my friends am reluctant to admit. I am an unperfect homeschooler, but i will continue to teach my children at home. I never have to worry what they are learning , i never have to find out they are learning something at school that disagrees with our all mighty savior God. I will be there for them they are right where they belong at home with their momma. I will be posting pictures of a day in the life of an unperfect homeschooler.
God bless til next time

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The school year shall begin!!!!

Well, it has been such a long time since my last post.
It has been crazy and hectic in the Orr household. I have had to return to the
workforce...hence the fact this will be a short blog. I have to be up in about 6 hours....
I have been getting Isaac's school year ready along with preschool items for lucas 3 yr preschool.
It is hard , my baby Isaac is starting kindergarten, I have been working hard on the curriculum.
I am doing a more 1st grade instead of Kindergarten because he is above on most and on target with the reading and writing. He is still being insane but we are starting our school on September 8 , 2009. it has been pushed back many times, due to well, anything and everything.
i will post more tomorrow and let you know what we have been up to and what we have planned.
God bless all of you
love in God

Monday, May 4, 2009

Another bundle of boy and then we have four

Wow, it is hard to believe it has been almost 3 years since we brought this little man home...

Well , here is his story. After having Isaac, Jacob and I talked about the risks of having another baby. I am talking about alot of TALKING. We had reached our decision of having my tubes tied..Jacob didn't want to watch me go through another miscarriage or have to raise little Isaac without a momma. So, I agreed . Ihad my gall bladder out beginning of October 2005, and made an appointment with the wonderful Dr. England. I go in before my surgery and sign the papers for the tubule. You have to wait a month between signing the papers and making the appointment for the surgery. So, I have my surgery, and November 10th I believe, I go in for my dr. appointment to find out THAT I AM PREGNANT...I AM PREGNANT.. lol..that is how it was too.. the thing is I already kind of knew that. Jacob, to say the least was shocked, well as shocked as he can get.

So, we were pregnant. We were not getting our tubes tied at this moment. I of course, was scared to death. I mean we just spent 2 years talking about miscarriages, death, stillbirths,and raising Isaac with no momma. To say the least i was a little freaked out. Then, a thought came into my head. If God wanted me to have this baby , I'm so not fighting with that man. Then I was wandering maybe , just maybe Iwould have my little girl. In my eyes a little girl should have an older brother ..right? So , nooone in Jacob's family was happy to say the least. I mean his mom and his dad were ok. his step dad was NOT happy..ugh another story another blog.

My family of course was scared. Lucas had no name the entire pregnancy. We just kind of called him baby. We did find out that he would be a boy. My mother in law and father in law and jacob couldn't understand why I would want to know what I was having ...I just had to laugh..I can't wait for Christmas to come..what would make anyone in their right mind think I could wait to find out what I was going to be giving birth to .. ok, back to my story,

Isaac had his name picked out pretty much as soon as we find out what he was. Poor Luke duke...I had at least 30 name books..we couldn't agree. (on a side note God didn't give us a girl because we couldn't agree on a girls name to save our lives lol..he just wanted to save our marriage).

Luke , was a harder pregnancy. As with Isaac I will not go into the gory details of the pregnancy and labor. I took my shots in the stomach, of course I fell, I had many visits to the hospital....

I will tell you that we did almost lose Lucas and myself in the delivery room. Thank God above that I went to Magee's womens hospital. Those doctors and nurses flooded my room when me and lukes vitals dropped and we crashed. God , was with my family that night.

Fast forward to when I held this 9 pound 13 ounce little man in my mother in law and I were desperatley trying to find this perfect little guy a perfect little name...She found Lucas with the meaning of "root of all light" and I thought I had the perfect middle name him after Jacob.. lucas Douglas (his dad is Robert Douglas, he is Jacob Douglas you get the picture right?)

My mother in law (God Rest Her Soul) asked me if I could name him completley after his daddy Lucas Jacob there yougo folks...that is Luke's story...and we are again talking about the tubule..we have two wild and crazy boys....I want to be here when they will give me grandchildren...

Thank you God for everything you have given me...for my husband who has been my rock, my baby Isaac for being the child he is and for Lucas for being the baby he is....We love you Christ. We could never thank you enough for this family made by your hands.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baby boy came and then there was three first miracle baby

Isaac was born April 20, 2004. At 11:01 at 9 pounds 14 ounces.

My man was supposed to have been underweight...mental disabilities, physical disabiliies,that was if he would even survive. Well I am happy to say that my little man survived and came into this world screaming his little head off. He is now 5 years old (and still screaming lol).

Isaac , came after i had 3 miscarriages due to antiphosphilipid antibody syndrom. A blood clotting disorder that had claimed my 3 babies already. I would have to take 3 shots in my stomach of lovenox..and then move to heprin. I never carried a child passed 10 weeks..even with the shots. I had been with Jacob now for 3 years. There was a lot of fear at first. Isaac went 17 weeks without me taking the shots of blood thinners. He was a true blessing from God. I was working at the time for the Association for Retarted Citizens of Butler county.

The job was wonderful. I took care of 6 mentally challenged individuals ..whom I still love deeply. It got hard toward the end of the pregnancy. I was tired all the time. it was tough. I was hitting my knees thanking God when the doctor put me on short term disibility.

I will not go into the labor..lets just say the epidural wouldnt work. I had a natural delivery.

Isaac was perfect. and I will be posting infant pictures when I get them loaded up.

Isaac takes after his momma (yes that is what he still calls me). He has spirit, TONS of energy, he jumps, climbs. He has already had stitches twice now. He has had xrays twice now. Countless visits to the er for a plethora of reasons. He has had 2 ticks , (which he was so happy that he got to keep the first one ) much to momma's delight. Just so all of you konw this little man never experienced a minute of abuse...the reason for all of this...he is all boy...jumping off beds..the topof his playhouse..running and his feet getting too fast for his body. This boy scares me sometimes. I begged for permission from his doctor to be allowed to duct tape him to the couch so that he can watch 24/7 educational doc said no..He is active and daring. He is also brilliant, thoughtful, funny this boy can laugh.

Before I go on any longer , let me tell you the meaning of Isaac's name and how we came up with it. Isaac's name truly means laughter , to laugh..and man he can laugh...

Now there is a story in the bible about Abraham and Sarah that prayed to God to give them a child, and God blessed them with baby Isaac. Jacob and I, although we were not ready, God was ready to give us our Isaac. That is how Isaac got his name. God does things on his own time.

God blessed us with Isaac Robert Merle . Our first miracle child.

Thank you God for your many blessings above all thank you for my husband, Isaac and Lucas.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

First there was this boy and girl

That seems like an appropiate title. We really should start at the beginning.

Jacob (my husband) and I orginally met in highschool.

We were in drivers ed together, and were properly introduced by his cousin and a friend .

We were true highschool sweethearts, Jacob was wonderful.

He was so romantic, and sweet, just amazing.

Well, Jacob was really into the church scene. I was always raised in church.

So really nothing new to me and i thourouly enjoyed going.

Jacob went to church camp in june 3 months after we started dating.

When he came back he thought it best to break my heart for another girl(all water under the bridge). We were young.

Later, she would come to my birthday party and I think she is a great person.

By the way we were only 16 lol..

But, one thing I knew that he didn't know is that we

were going to be married one day. Men seem the last to know these little details.

I fell away from church, thought I was a big girl and went on my own.

Probably not the best decisison that I have made.

I went from one party to another, not caring about my self.

I was preg a year after we broke up, and God saw where I was and

who I was with . God took my angel , who was too perfect for this world

took him to be with him. I went on after graduation , and got pregnant twice more

After the second miscarriage they diagnosed me with

antiphosphilipid antibody syndrome. It is a blood clotting disorder, what would happen

is that the blood would clot and the baby wouldn't get nutrients from the umbilical cord.

I was angry at God and at the time couldn't understand what I was doing

wrong(meanwhile God could have wrote a book on my transgressions lol.

Jacob during this time apart. Was also losing God little by little.

He preached for his church, but soon he would feel betrayed.

He made some mistakes (nothing huge) but felt like the church and the church family he so cared for turned there back on him.

His relationship ended with the sweet girl (who was nothing like me at the time.

Jacob and I talked throughout his junior and my senior year. (yes folks he is 4 whole months younger than I.

I was in a 2 and a half year relationship, with this boy after highschool.

I finally found out he cheated on mme and finally I moved on.

I worked at sunoco at the time....

Jacob would come in time after time..he would stop in when I worked midnight shift.

He would tell me later , that he hated seeing me working night shift alone.

Finally after about 2 months July of 2001, 3 years and 1 month after breaking my heart....

he asked me out again..well , that is how we started again...we have been together almost 8 years now...married for 5...

We have had our ups and downs...he has taught me that love is not perfect but it is well worth the ride...

We have found God , (low and behold he has been there the entire time, imagine that)

God has blessed us, he has put us through trials..and because of that we are stronger than ever.

We have 2 amazing children (who will each have their own story) Isaac has just turned 5 and Lucas who will be 3 in August. This is our family...we will raise them with Gods help..

they will kknow that when things get bad...and you feel you have noone...God will be lifting you into his arms and carry you through...

Jacob , being the wonderful man he is has "adopted" my angel babies.

He has held me when I still mourn my may sound crazy and noone is completly sane.

But we are husband and wife...and he has shown me so much .. and by him doing that is one of the best gifts he could have gave me. crazy or not it meant alot to me.