Monday, May 4, 2009

Another bundle of boy and then we have four

Wow, it is hard to believe it has been almost 3 years since we brought this little man home...

Well , here is his story. After having Isaac, Jacob and I talked about the risks of having another baby. I am talking about alot of TALKING. We had reached our decision of having my tubes tied..Jacob didn't want to watch me go through another miscarriage or have to raise little Isaac without a momma. So, I agreed . Ihad my gall bladder out beginning of October 2005, and made an appointment with the wonderful Dr. England. I go in before my surgery and sign the papers for the tubule. You have to wait a month between signing the papers and making the appointment for the surgery. So, I have my surgery, and November 10th I believe, I go in for my dr. appointment to find out THAT I AM PREGNANT...I AM PREGNANT.. lol..that is how it was too.. the thing is I already kind of knew that. Jacob, to say the least was shocked, well as shocked as he can get.

So, we were pregnant. We were not getting our tubes tied at this moment. I of course, was scared to death. I mean we just spent 2 years talking about miscarriages, death, stillbirths,and raising Isaac with no momma. To say the least i was a little freaked out. Then, a thought came into my head. If God wanted me to have this baby , I'm so not fighting with that man. Then I was wandering maybe , just maybe Iwould have my little girl. In my eyes a little girl should have an older brother ..right? So , nooone in Jacob's family was happy to say the least. I mean his mom and his dad were ok. his step dad was NOT happy..ugh another story another blog.

My family of course was scared. Lucas had no name the entire pregnancy. We just kind of called him baby. We did find out that he would be a boy. My mother in law and father in law and jacob couldn't understand why I would want to know what I was having ...I just had to laugh..I can't wait for Christmas to come..what would make anyone in their right mind think I could wait to find out what I was going to be giving birth to .. ok, back to my story,

Isaac had his name picked out pretty much as soon as we find out what he was. Poor Luke duke...I had at least 30 name books..we couldn't agree. (on a side note God didn't give us a girl because we couldn't agree on a girls name to save our lives lol..he just wanted to save our marriage).

Luke , was a harder pregnancy. As with Isaac I will not go into the gory details of the pregnancy and labor. I took my shots in the stomach, of course I fell, I had many visits to the hospital....

I will tell you that we did almost lose Lucas and myself in the delivery room. Thank God above that I went to Magee's womens hospital. Those doctors and nurses flooded my room when me and lukes vitals dropped and we crashed. God , was with my family that night.

Fast forward to when I held this 9 pound 13 ounce little man in my mother in law and I were desperatley trying to find this perfect little guy a perfect little name...She found Lucas with the meaning of "root of all light" and I thought I had the perfect middle name him after Jacob.. lucas Douglas (his dad is Robert Douglas, he is Jacob Douglas you get the picture right?)

My mother in law (God Rest Her Soul) asked me if I could name him completley after his daddy Lucas Jacob there yougo folks...that is Luke's story...and we are again talking about the tubule..we have two wild and crazy boys....I want to be here when they will give me grandchildren...

Thank you God for everything you have given me...for my husband who has been my rock, my baby Isaac for being the child he is and for Lucas for being the baby he is....We love you Christ. We could never thank you enough for this family made by your hands.


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  1. Wow, what a story! Glad he made it here safely!