Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baby boy came and then there was three first miracle baby

Isaac was born April 20, 2004. At 11:01 at 9 pounds 14 ounces.

My man was supposed to have been underweight...mental disabilities, physical disabiliies,that was if he would even survive. Well I am happy to say that my little man survived and came into this world screaming his little head off. He is now 5 years old (and still screaming lol).

Isaac , came after i had 3 miscarriages due to antiphosphilipid antibody syndrom. A blood clotting disorder that had claimed my 3 babies already. I would have to take 3 shots in my stomach of lovenox..and then move to heprin. I never carried a child passed 10 weeks..even with the shots. I had been with Jacob now for 3 years. There was a lot of fear at first. Isaac went 17 weeks without me taking the shots of blood thinners. He was a true blessing from God. I was working at the time for the Association for Retarted Citizens of Butler county.

The job was wonderful. I took care of 6 mentally challenged individuals ..whom I still love deeply. It got hard toward the end of the pregnancy. I was tired all the time. it was tough. I was hitting my knees thanking God when the doctor put me on short term disibility.

I will not go into the labor..lets just say the epidural wouldnt work. I had a natural delivery.

Isaac was perfect. and I will be posting infant pictures when I get them loaded up.

Isaac takes after his momma (yes that is what he still calls me). He has spirit, TONS of energy, he jumps, climbs. He has already had stitches twice now. He has had xrays twice now. Countless visits to the er for a plethora of reasons. He has had 2 ticks , (which he was so happy that he got to keep the first one ) much to momma's delight. Just so all of you konw this little man never experienced a minute of abuse...the reason for all of this...he is all boy...jumping off beds..the topof his playhouse..running and his feet getting too fast for his body. This boy scares me sometimes. I begged for permission from his doctor to be allowed to duct tape him to the couch so that he can watch 24/7 educational doc said no..He is active and daring. He is also brilliant, thoughtful, funny this boy can laugh.

Before I go on any longer , let me tell you the meaning of Isaac's name and how we came up with it. Isaac's name truly means laughter , to laugh..and man he can laugh...

Now there is a story in the bible about Abraham and Sarah that prayed to God to give them a child, and God blessed them with baby Isaac. Jacob and I, although we were not ready, God was ready to give us our Isaac. That is how Isaac got his name. God does things on his own time.

God blessed us with Isaac Robert Merle . Our first miracle child.

Thank you God for your many blessings above all thank you for my husband, Isaac and Lucas.


  1. Your son is adorable! And just perfect!

  2. I left you a little blogger award on my blog. :)

  3. Wow, we have a few things in common. First, I also have an Isaac and second I too have the blood disorder along with a few other great complications and have had to do those lovely shots...oh the joy and thank goodness for them or I wouldn't have had my last three. Thanks for visiting my blog and your boys are just adorable!