Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Child God has blessed me with

Well, yesterday was Isaac's first time at cubscouts. ?I am the mother of a lion scout. I was very proud of this little gift from God. He had such a great time with other boys. He actually behaved himself. I prayed extra hard for that one. He was answering questions. He was not shy in the least bit. Although , I didn't realize that when we do our lessons I have never had him raise his hand.

Until last night that is now part of our lessons..
Speaking of which, our lessons went so well. We learned about lions. Being as though we
are watching Madagascar 2 (aka the move it move it movie) like every single night
I mean EVERY SINGLE night. So, me being the awesome homeschooling momma....
ok, i was tired of fighting with him and his math and writing. So , we just watched some videos on lions and read about them. Kind of a shock for them after watching alex and the zebra marty
being best friends on the movie....yeah..well....they learnned today that not all cartoon
disney movies are real.....but in same sentence they are boys so the loved watching the
feeding habits of lions...haha...ok, so moving right along here...

I am going to attempt to redo my blog to fit my personality better, HEY who knows
if someone sees my blog with a new background and a bunch of cool things on it..I might just might get another reader. oops, on a sidenote...MOM, i love that you are my fan..and actually read this completly disorganized blog of mine..
another feature I really want to do is homeschooling something or another, maybe something that will help others...oooo...and a memory verse that my church gives out every sunday.
I might be the next big blogger and even bring in .20 cents from my adsense...ok, i best be going ...i don't feel healthy right now, just picturing myself talking to myself haha..
God Bless you all

Thank you Jesus for the day you are giving me, God bless those poor people in Haiti
They need you , and after hearing them singing your praises at night , when they are scared
they love you sweet Lord..

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