Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I can't seem to remember....

I can never seem to remember to keep up with my blog,
I am so sure that all the other big bloggers never forget lol.
Well, we finished up school first of May and will be starting back July 11, maybe 18.
I have decieded to have school Monday through Thursday and have Friday for a free day
we will be having co-op on Fridays in fall..which I am so excited about. This blogger
will be teaching elementary children sign language...beginners, because i am not that much better.
I think that all children should learn a bit of sign language, they teach french, german, and spanish. But so many can not communicate with english speaking deaf...I am excited about that.
Other big news....hmmm...doesn't seem to be any.
Jacob is still working Thank God for that, our families are still insane ...love them but they are
I think it is healthy to have a little be of insanity in us all. It keeps things interesting.
I have been working on my lesson plans for the school year, i have to get the school room looking sharp. Then in August we are going to Florida for my cousins wedding. I am so excited to see my family from down there. We don't get to see them much, Thank God for Face book i would never get to talk to them.
Well that is all for now i have to get supper started..then off to Bible school for Isaac, Lucas just flat out refuses to stay lol..o well maybe next year!!

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