Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years makes you think

I am currently sitting here with a cousin and my 2 boys watching spongebob. Really bringing in the new year here.... But, i am thinking about this past year , how many smiles were shared, tears were shed, the hurts, the accomplishments, the joys that have happened. I have been blessed in my walk with my Savior...Jacob and I have had our setbacks throughout this year only to be stronger than we were before the setbacks. I know this is the man that God has put on this earth for me. My boys are making great strides in school, yes we are still fighting Isaac but mostly with his writing lol... Lucas is having fun being bad haha....So as this year ends i think about what I want to happen this year and realiize it will be God's will he will guide me and protect me like he has for the past 29 years....I will turn 30 this year that is a big accomplishment as i ponder lifes lessons....i am making resolutions this first year in a long time
1. I will quit smoking..i am so tired of being held in this bondage to these little smelly things
2. i will be more organized with myself...with as many electronics as i have i should never forget anything
3. i am getting into the word of my Savior more and more...with out his instruction manual
4. i am going to be a better mom, i am going to remind myself that my children are my gift from God and are true examples of his power to perform mighty miracles
5. i am determined to make my husband happy and satisified..i know he is going through hard times and i am completly in love with this man that was sent to me
6. i am going to be more diligent in my homeschooling, and lesson plans, and teaching more interestingly
7. I am going to let myself feel loved by my father and let him show me his love
8. I am going to start writing my book, i am bound and determined to have God speak to me and pass his words onto others who need to hear them.
9. i want help with the co op and be a benefit to them
10. i want to chill out a little bit more and not be so paranoid.

So those are the 10 things i want to accomplish in this year coming..for me and God and my family and most of all my children. I want to be a better daughter to my kind and honor him in all i do and all the choices i make this year and beyond...I want to be a better example for my children and husband. I hope i inspire someone to go to the King who will provide them comfort when they hit rock bottom, to catch them when they fall, to love them when noone else will.....This year will be for Him the GREAT I AM ,
God Bless
have a wonderful and safe new year

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