Thursday, March 10, 2011

The 7 year itch

WOW, so on Saturday my hubby and I will be celebrating 7 years of marriage. Its funny when I think back to the day we were married. I stayed the night at my best friend's / maid of honor, and we watched movies as I was stressing over my vows....But lets give you an overview of the events leading up to my impromptu wedding nuptials. It started a week before we were married, I get the call from my mother telling me that my grammother wanted to throw us a wedding...OK, yeah that sounds so romantic. I was 8 months pregnant with our first child Isaac . We wanted to get married before he was born. I know we did it a little backwards but well, we did. We had been talking about how we could get married. Money was tight (hmm...kinda still is lol) I told him that Isaac would be an Orr from birth (if not married the child will have my last name on his wrist band) so , when I got this call my wedding planning kicked in high gear. (OK, so i might have already had it planned since i was about 4) I had some ideas....but when you only have a week that is all you get...So, anyways I spent the week trying to get everything pulled together all while being 8 months pregnant and still working. My dad and gramma and smom couldn't be here in time, they were still in Florida. That was the most devastating event. My dad whom I love very much would not get to walk me down the aisle. So, I was shopping and planning, calling the close family that we had up here to let them know of our plans. I was elated to say the least...Jacob and I were GETTING MARRIED....IS THIS REAL? yeah , that was really going through my head . I wore a lovely black skirt and the only blue shirt from Fashion Bug that would fit me( I WAS HUGE)...I got my very own you ready for this.....are you sure...I got married to the love of my life at the..wait for it....super 8 on rt 8 south , Butler PA . In the conference room. HAHAHA. sorry I find it amusing. So, moving least I got the bridal I'm getting ready with all the women I proceeded to tell everyone how much I loved my mother in law but sometimes I wanted to flush her head in a's now forever recorded on video. I truly love her..she went to God about 5 years ago. She treated me like a daughter. I walked down the aisle with my mother to my groom and an awesome preacher. It was one of the happiest days of my life. Even though it was nothing like my 3 year old brain pictured. But, I married my husband. I can remember what I was thinking that day....
I HAD TO PEE SO BAD...haha...not what you were thinking huh? Did you catch the part that I was 8 months pregnant with my wired first born who continuously kicked my bladder. So thank you for hanging in there...I dedicate this post to my husband...he has taught me many lessons throughout our marriage. Love has its ups and downs and major bumps...but it is well worth the ride. Thank you Jacob for learning about love , trust and loyalty and being able to learn these lessons by your side. I love you.

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